The Slingshot


A high adrenaline ride rated as one of the most thrilling extreme rides in the world.

Combining elements from skydiving and bungie-jumping, the Slingshot skycoaster enables “flyers” to enjoy the exhilarating sensations experienced in these two sports.
All you need are nerves of steel.

The air to the top of the launch tower with nothing between them and the ground.

The flight suits are connected to flight cables and on pulling their own rip cord, riders plunge in a 30m free fall at 80 to 90 km/h towards the ground before the swinging upwards in a 180 degree arc and then straight down again.

Thereafter the ride settles into a slowing swing before being retrieved by the flight crew.

The Slingshot opens the skies to everyone, young and old alike, making humans’ dream of “flight” accessible to all.

However, beware: The Slingshot is the ultimate thrill ride. They simply don’t come scarier than this.

The Slingshot is ticketed separately*

Ticket Required*: Ticketed separately at R60 per person per ride. Bookings essential at the ride on the day as numbers are limited

Height Restrictions: Over 1.07m Only. Other restrictions such as maximum weight and medical conditions may apply. Restrictions apply even when guests accept full responsibility.

Disclaimer:Information contained herein is correct at time of publishing but is subject to change and is not warranted.

Management will not tolerate any abuse towards staff and queue hopping if found to be doing either, you will forfeit your wristband and be escorted out of the park.

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