Ratanga adopts Sinenjongo

For the second consecutive year, a portion of all Ratanga tickets sold this season will go to boost an exciting upliftment programme at a previously disadvantaged school.

The plight of Sinenjongo High School in Joe Slovo, Marconi Beam, which serves a very impoverished community, came to the attention of the Rabie Property Group, the parent company of Ratanga Junction, a few years back.

The prefab school had little or no facilities and little or no hope of getting additional state funded facilities or resources.

The Rabie Property Group adopted the school as the major beneficiary of its Corporate Social Investment programme three years ago and initially concentrated its efforts on building science and computer laboratories for the school.

More recently Rabie has channelled its resources into programmes aimed at improving the English proficiency of both learners and educators and to upskilling the teacher body in order to make a sustainable difference in the level of education offered to learners.

Together, the school, the department and the private sector sponsors are beginning to reap rewards. The 29% pass rate in 2008, was lifted to 44% in 2009 and in the 2010 trial exams, no less than 84% of the matrics passed! While it is perhaps ambitious to expect this result will be repeated in the finals, there is great hope that the Departments target of a 60% pass rate for 2010 will be exceeded.

Ratanga Junction is again joining forces with its parent company, Rabie, the school and the Department in a quest to turn this school, which is one of 74 identified as underperformers in need of special attention, into a centre of excellence.

To this end Ratanga is contributing a portion of every ticket sold over the season towards financing the salary of a highly experienced Grade 8 & 9 teacher who will be tasked with, among other things, helping to upskill the existing teachers.

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