With a drop of 18,5m, this is one of the highest log flume rides in the world and is among the most thrilling of the rides in the park.

An exhilarating plunge into the abyss. The only way out is down!

Rider Information


Ticket Required: Adventurer Rider Ticket / Mini Adventurer Rider Ticket over 1.07m and accompanied by an adult.
Ride Photo (A1, A2, A5): R65
Age Restrictions: Under 8yrs must be accompanied by an adult
Height Restrictions: Over 1.30m only

NB: Other restrictions such as maximum weight and medical conditions may apply. Restrictions apply even when guests accept full responsibility.

Disclaimer: Information contained herein is correct at time of publishing but is subject to change and is not warranted. Absolutely no reserved seating on the Cobra. Seats will be issued as per the queue line. Failure to comply with operators instructions will results in expulsion from the park.

Management will not tolerate any abuse towards staff and queue hopping if found to be doing either, you will forfeit your wristband and be escorted out of the park.


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