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“I was at Ratanga today and would really like to thank all the staff at Ratanga for an amazing day. I always enjoy my visits to your park and today was definitely no exception. I would like to also bring attention to a particular group that really stood out for us: The staff running The Cobra. We really loved the vibes there with the team always singing and giving Hi-5s as we left the station and got back and it was just an amazing experience. We really found that the spirit at The Cobra really stood out and I really wish there was some way just to thank the team. Thanks again for an AMAZING day. My Girlfriend and I really loved It, Justin” – 7 Oct

“I took my family to your park on Sunday. I recently tore my Achilles heel and was on crutches. I would like to pass on an accolade to your entire team of staff for an absolutely spectacular display of Customer service. They treated us like VIP guests and were superb all day long. I have not had service like that in cape town before. WELL DONE – Ian”

My daughter, Zena, visited Ratanga Junction on Friday with some friends. She is wheelchair bound. As her father I would like to thank management for going the extra mile explaining to my wife your concerns in a professional manner and also giving my daughter a chance to experience some good fun with her buddies. It is really appreciated. She had a good time and I am glad to see even though wheelchair bound she was given a chance. Thank you again and keep up the good work!!! Kind Regards, Justin

From the Wollentine Family

Good Afternoon
Thanks from the Wollentine family for an entertaining and fun filled day at Ratanga. We will return!

The staff and service is excellent and the entire park is neat and tidy, what a pleasure!

I am glad we spent time there as our kids had fun and so did we. Its a real family treat and we hope to visit again soon.

Thanks very very much.
Fred, Rehna, Jayd(16), Brandon(10) and Kelly (8)